Pebble mosaics | Artist's message

The art of pebble mosaic paving has come down to us from the ancient Greeks of over 4000 years ago. Floors in pebble mosaic add that special touch of luxury and are often seen on Greek islands as well as in mainland Greece. Even so, it is an art form that is still evolving. Pebble mosaic paving is at once both practical and decorative. It is ideal both indoors and out. Pebble mosaics adorn gardens, courtyards, paths, workplaces and exhibition areas, public squares, walkways, civic buildings, places of worship, museums, swimming pools, shops, spas and a host of other places too.

Pebble mosaic paving belongs to both the realm of art and the realm of architecture. Designs featured accord with their surroundings and blend perfectly with the natural architecture of the place, its history and culture, as well as the social mores and customs of its people. The floor, or whatever surface is to be embellished, is a blank canvas in the hands of the artist. Every pebble placed is a fresh brushstroke. It is the artist’s imagination coupled with the householder’s inspiration to make a pebble mosaic the decorative feature in the courtyard of home or business premises that lend them a singular air and make them unique.

Pebble mosaic paving requires careful planning, imagination and self-discipline. It is an attractive, durable product of patience, persistence and fine craftsmanship. It is a tradition that must never be allowed to die!

Dimitra Colomvakou

The pre-cast technique used to construct my pebble mosaics gives them the strength needed and enables me to ship and have them installed anywhere in the world!