About me and my studies

My name is Dimitra Kolomvakou and I was born to Greek parents in Toronto, Canada, where I grew up. I studied at Centennial College of Applied Arts & Technology in Toronto, but I loved Greece so much I yearned to return, settle in the land of my ancestors and re-establish my roots. I have now been living with my family in the village of Xirokambi, Laconia, for fourteen years.

My love of Greek culture prompted me to learn arts and crafts that have their roots in the Greek cultural background. Mosaic paving is the oldest of these and the one that is most deeply rooted in the culture. That is why in recent years I have poured all my energy into decorative pebble mosaic paving.

It is an art form that never fails to confirm how securely established the pleasure of creation and the instinctive love of beauty have always been in the hearts of previous generations; but also how firmly established they are in mine. There are mosaics made by unassuming craftsmen whose talents had found their niche and the conditions that allowed them to blossom. Their work inspired me to follow in their footsteps and try to revive this ancient art form. Pebble mosaic paving is a heritage that is an integral part of this land of ours and one which must never be allowed to die!


Since I began working with pebble mosaic paving I have taken part in the following exhibitions.

2007: An Exhibition of Folk Art held by the Prefecture of Laconia at the Peace & Friendship Stadium in Athens.

2008: An Exhibition of the Work of Laconian Artists held in Sparta and Gythio, arranged by the Organisation for Cultural Development at the Prefecture of Laconia (OPANAL).

2009 & 2010: An Exhibition in conjunction with the "Invitation to Mount Taygetus" festival organised by Xirokambi Cultural Society and held in Xirokambi, Laconia.

2010: Exhibit "The Ancient Mosaic Meets Contemparary Mosaic" - International Exhibit of Contemporary Mosaics - 12th International AIMC Congress of Contemporary Mosaic, Athens, Greece
Organized by: Cultural Organization of Athens Municipality & the International Union of Modern Mosaics AIMC - Associazione Internazionale Mosaicisti Contemporanei